Saturday, December 10

give ur heart to ALLAH and everything will be just fine :)

salam to all the bloggers :) 

okay , today i want to share a very AMAZING video that have made me cry a lot . sangat sangat menyentuh jiwa raga . 

i think YOU should watch this video too :) 

btw thanks to my dearest friend for sharing this video to me *winkwink :)

ni ayat copy dari someone's FB , aku pun tak tahu sape . tapi datang nye dari blog  ini 

friends, if you have 2 hours to watch Ombak Rindu or other movies, you better have only 30 minutes to watch this amazing video.

"it takes 5 words in english : Surrender, Submission, Obedience, Sincerity and Peace . But ,  
it only takes one word in arabic. it is islam"

ps : hayati betul betul ye . 30 minit je . tak lama mana pun :)

Syukran Jazilan for my dear readers :) YA ALLAH take care of this person who is reading this , hear my words YA ALLAH guide this person with your LIGHT :) insyaAllah...


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